Energy Alliance Group

- Overview and Questions -


Our mission is to assist companies in the utility, power technology and alternative energy sectors achieve critical path market and business development objectives. We provide a full range of market and business development services:

  • Market research/analysis
    • Market opportunities
    • Competitive environment
    • Environmental scanning
  • Technology commercialization and business development planning
    • Market plans
    • Business plans
    • Identification and negotiation with strategic partners
  • Strategic development
    • Strategic planning
    • Financial modeling and plans
  • Project implementation support
    • Interim management
  • Meeting facilitation
    • Goal setting
    • Planning
    • Project assessment and launch; partnering

Business Development Questions

  • What are your business development objectives?
  • What business development challenges are you facing?
  • What results are you looking to improve in your business development effort?
  • How well does your strategic plan provide the guidance necessary for you to achieve your key business objectives?
  • What areas in your strategic or tactical marketing need improvement?
  • How well do you know your highest potential target markets?
    • What is the potential for each of your target markets?
  • What are your unique competitive strengths?
    • How do you “stack up” against your competition in the eyes of your customers?
  • How satisfied are you with your ROI for your market tactics?
    • How do you measure that return?

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